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Competences: VPN Server, WLAN Hotspot, Traffic Shaping, Firewall, PXE

Sylbek - Internet Technology
Internet as a very powerful mass media that has changed the way we communicate and the way we do business.
Both employee and business benefits using Internet. But watch out: it does not work without Internet Access Policy.
Surfing non work-related sites during working hours reduces productivity and wastes resources needed for your critical business applications.

We have been offering you, since 2003, ready-to-use solutions suitable for self-installation with the core goal of achieving optimal Internet usage. Sylbek products are mostly preinstalled according to customer specifications.
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Traffic Shaper - Bandwidth Controler
Some studies show that 30 to 40 percent of the online activities of employees in companies are not job-related. If surfing is also used with bandwidth-intensive activities, e.g. video downloads, this means a considerable burden for the network performance.

In a network environment a user can sometimes use up to 90% of the available bandwidth, even if other users are surfing at the same time.
By using the traffic shaper an user can for example, have 25% of the bandwidth in case that altogether 4 users are using internet.
The use of Traffic Shaper in Bridge Mode is invisible to users (employees or students). It can be connected between any network segment. More information about Traffic-Shaper.
VPN Solution, SSTP Server für Windows
VPN allows you to access your office network even when you are out of the office e.g. customer visits or when you are working from homeoffice (teleworking).

Our cost-effective VPN server solution allows you, without running costs, a secure network access to your company's network. A VPN server can connect several hundreds of employees at the same time.

If you want to connect many company locations, we support you with VPN-Gateway-Solution. This allows you to reach bandwidths of usual 100-Mbits network. More information about VPN-Solution.
Hotspot Solution for WiFI Clients
Despite extensive usage of Internet Flat Rates for mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) WLAN is more practical. The use of streaming services (e.g. Youtube) even with 5GB data volume is quickly exhausted.

In contrast to many hotspot providers, you receive from us a completely customizable solution without running costs.
For a controlled internet access there 3 logins methods available. With username and password, only password or even more simply by confirming your terms and conditions.
Regardless of the login procedure, you have the possibility to set a limited speed. This makes the Internet more efficient, even if you provide hundreds of users with a single internet connection.
More information about WiFi Hotspot solution.