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WiFi Hotspot Server Solution
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Linux PXE Server - booting Windows 10 or Ubuntu 18.04 over UEFI network

Blog Category: Contribution16.02.2019
Blog Category: Contribution
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There are motherboards on the market that no longer load the classic BIOS, not even via Lagacy-Mode. In other words, if you are about to buy new hardware and plan to install it over the network, check if PXE server configuration also boots UEFI computers.

Below you can find some information on how we can accomplish this task with iPXE & RouterOS. ... Further information

Download WiFi WDS/Repeater Firmware with DD-WRT for Linksys E900 ready to use

Blog Category: Contribution19.05.2018
Blog Category: Contribution
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We have been offering such firmware for Linksys WRT54GL for about 10 years and have been rewarded by many users with recommendations, links and donations.

Now we have chosen Linksys E900, as it has a good range and little costs. For example, at Amazon about 27 EUR or by us just under 30 EUR.
You can install this firmware on 2 or 3 devices and so increase the range as seen ... Further information

PHP and Javascript for your homepage to show IP, resolution and time

Blog Category: Contribution22.12.2017
Blog Category: Contribution
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During the the homepage adaptation for mobile it was always necessary to have the screen width in view. Therefore, the corresponding line for the width and height has been inserted in Javascript, see below.

Explanation: Textarea can be often enlarged (bottom right corner), mark the content with CTRL+A and copy to the clipboard with CTRL+C. ... Further information