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Thank you for your trust and wish you a happy 2018

Blog Category: InfoAuthor: hp02.01.2018

We would like to thank you for your trust and wish you a happy 2018.

Last few months we have completed many renewals for our website and products. We would be very happy to receive suggestions from you.

Eg. a customer has recently referred to a fanlass firewall product from China.
After the successful test (performance, energy consumption..), we will import and offer this product for 2018. For his suggestion, the customer will receive a copy as a gift.

As you already know, we have included setup support for our product solutions so you do not stand alone with installations issues. For 2018 we want to offer further telephone support, for your network questions which take about 5-10 minutes we do not charge.

You can find our opening hours via Google if you search for Sylbek or
We are very happy for your postive Google feedback through 'write a review'.

On the motto: 'Anyone who stops getting better has stopped being good!' (from Philip Rosenthal translated from german), We would like to face the changes in the market and thus better meet customer requirements.

For you and your family,
a healthy and successful 2018
wishes you family Hampp