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Website redesign and switching to HTTPS

Blog Category: InfoAuthor: 05.07.2017
Website redesign and switching to HTTPS
Foto: Sylbek

After months of programming, our new page is finished and online. At least there are no external costs because of own development.
Now smartphones can also use the new page. The page width is dynamically adapted to tablets too.

Design is a matter of taste, but for us it was important, firstly, background in white, for better picture presentation, and secondly to add a bit color to it.

Many current websites have many and big pictures right in the main page. I do not know if it's good for 'smartphones on the way' if I think on limited volume tarifs . Of course, it could give customers a positive buying mood. Nevertheless, I think for our predominantly b2b customers plays objectivity (text content) larger role therefore this waiver on our Website.

An example of this is Google with a simplicity and objectivity. Other search engine websites are practically gone. Whether it was because of showing too much advertising and animations?

SSL encryption is practically mandatory today. Therefore, we have both domains (sylbek.de, sylbek.eu) equipped with SSL certificates. A sample order at namecheap worked out well, so we'll do it again. Otherwise, SSL certificate for domain cost more than domain itself!

PHP code was kept slim so the speed (access time) of the page is very good (try it). In addition, both domains are hosted in a root server of netcup from Karlsruhe. The availability is currently in a very good range, hopefully as stated at 99.9%.