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Firewall Hardware, Security-Appliances for pfSense, OPNsense, IPfire, ClearOS

Firewall hardware for Open Source OS

Firewall Hardware Appliance for pfSense, OPNsense, Linux IPfire, Mikrotik

If you want to realize open source firewall solutions, we offer router hardware with 3-8 network cards for 1 Gbit or 10 Gbit.
Our customers, including many resellers, use this hardware to implement firewall security solution, VPN server or Radius server with captive portal. This hardware is used by us with Linux RouterOS itself for complete solutions such as: Hotspot server, VPN server and Traffic Shaper.

The benefits of Sylbek firewall hardware
  • Powerful firewall hardware with current motherboard/CPU and minimal power consumption
  • Selected hardware, with proven components for compatibility and stability with many Linux and BSD operating systems
  • Modular design, easy to replace components, such as usual DDR3/DDR4 memory, SATA interfaces, PCIe network cards
  • Hardware configurator for: RAM, SSD hard disk, CPU, network cards with prices and availability also for components
  • On stock hardware, delivery in 1-2 days, delivery in large quantities
  • 3-year bring-in warranty, with repair/replacement within 1-3 days

We offer firewall hardware in mini desktop chassis and rack version, 19inch 1U, see pictures.

Sylbek Firewall Appliance - Desktop 311x241x65mm

Limux Firewall UTM Hardware Appliance - Desktop 311x241x65mm

Sylbek Firewall Hardware - Rack 19inch 1U 483x250x44mm

Firewall UTM Hardware Appliance - Rack 19inch 1U 483x250x44mm

From customer feedback we know that mostly pfSense is installed. Optionally we install pfSense and other often used firewall software like: OPNsense, IPfire, ClearOS, RouterOS incl. license.

Hardware is tested with these operating systems see: firewall hardware - test with compatibility test and TCP throughput after the standard installation. The hardware is mostly compatible with other Linux and FreeBSD operating systems like: Endian, Smoothwall, IPcop, CentOS, Sophos, Untangle, Ubuntu, Debian, openSuse, Red Hat, Fedora and many others.

In our shop you will find current firewall hardware, with 3-8 Gigabit & 10gbit network cards, which we keep in several variants in stock:

For your questions, or for an individual PDF offer write us.