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WiFi Hotspot Solution

WLAN hotspot, hardware & software solution for hotel, restaurant, camping

What is Wifi Hotspot

The hotspot (sometimes hot spot) is a public access to the Internet. Most are a Wi-Fi hotspots to be found in the hotel, restaurant, airport, hospital, school, camping, park ...

A Wi-Fi hotspot device (router, gateway, server or access point only) shows a welcome page or login page that has to be passed before you can use the Internet. In the past, Internet access via the hotspot was usually paid for by users (visitors, guests, customers, citizens, patients ...). Nowadays, Wi-Fi usage is more and more taken for granted or as included service.

Sylbek Hotspot Server

WLAN hotspot solutions are offered since 2005, as well as VPN, firewall hardware and bandwidth management. If you buy Sylbek WiFi hotspot solution, you get hardware and software in one box, without running cost. So you can offer your customers a professional and for free service.

Sylbek hotspot server is installed between your router and access point or switch. You can connect as many WiFi access points as needed to the Hotspot Server in order to achieve 100% coverage in every room,see diagram below.

WiFi Hotspot solution, multiple SSID access points with Linux Software
Hotspot network with multiple Access points - DualSSID

During the installation/setup phase you will receive support over the telephone (included in the price). You will also receive information about supplied access points and their network specifics. After that you will have complete control and be able to decide who has network access and how the welcome/login page looks.

Creating customer accounts will be an ongoing process. This can be however made easier when you setup a onetime so called room user and post this in the room with instructions and terms of use. If you prepare users in an excel table you can import these into the hotspot server.

It is easy and professional to provide access in the form of a business card of your own design with access data, password/username, clearly readable on them. For this purpose we have supplied for many years a Print Manager that supports the production of access cards in business card format. This application is available for every Hotspot device for 5 years long (without charge) as one of three methods to allow internet access.

Hotspot products in several variants are kept in stock. In our shop you can buy these immediately, see the two relevant categories: WiFi Hotspot and WiFi Repeater.
To find the right device for your network you will see Hotspot hardware - comparison
For your questions or for an individual PDF offer write us.

Many companies (also resellers with multiple devices) have chosen our hotspot solution, possibly in your area. Have a look at the extract from our Reference list - Hotspots.