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Below an archived solution, before 2010.    Current Competences: VPN & PXE Server, WLAN Hotspot, Traffic Shaping, Firewall

Bandwidth management solution with virus and spam protection

The task
A school with 860 pupils and 230 computers has already internet access (ADSL 6 MBit/Down, 640 KBit/Up).
All computers can use the Internet but not at the same time, since otherwise the internet connection is lamely slow.
The administrator team permits alternating the internet access to the classrooms in accordance with instruction plan.
Pupils and teachers are to receive a limited range, so that normal surfing becomes possible, even if 200 and more computers are using the Internet at the same time.
Administration expenditure is to be avoided. Teachers are to receive higher internet speed than pupils. The entire network is to be protected against viruses and spam.

Bandwidth management system with virus and spam protection

Planning and realization
Sylbek EE400TC (1GHz CCU, 256MB) is offered as a traffic shaper and bandwidth controller also Microsoft ISA server for already existing servers hardware of the school.
For pupils computer a maximum range of 512 Kbit in download and 64 Kbit in upload is specified. HTTP/HTTPS traffic is higher prioritized than smtp and ftp traffic. Rest of traffic receives the lowest priority.
Servers and teachers computer receive the same range as above, however with higher priority than pupils computers.
For HTTP/HTTPS surfing a further optimisation is made, which permits for 5 sec. long 50% more bandwidth to all surfers. Thus the long downloads (bandwidth extensive) are differentiated from short downloads (normal surfing).

For virus protection Kaspersky software is used, which serves also as anti-spam solution. Virus updates are only done at night, in order to preserve daily over the necessary bandwidth.
At the ISA server is the firewall installed and only the necessary services are switched on. A web cash on faster non removable disks is installed. This has also the task to keep localy copies of frequently requested resources instead of loading each time from Internet.