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WiFi Hotspot Server Solution
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Below an archived solution, before 2010.    Current Competences: VPN & PXE Server, WLAN Hotspot, Traffic Shaping, Firewall

Far Installation of a wireless network with Linksys WRT54GL

The task
A pension in Austria has already Internet access available in the bar and in the restaurant (with 2 access points) offering to the guests for free of charge. The pension wants to extend this network, so that the guests can also surf in their rooms. This service is to remain free. At the most 10 guests at the same time are expected to use internet.

2 Linksys WRT54GL are present. The costs of this net extension are not to exceed the 400 EUR limit.
A plan of the 3 floored building is available (see drawing). Customer assumes that 3 additional access points will be sufficient.

Sylbek Hotspot für Hotel Gäste

Solution proposal / Offer
In order to save costs, a far installation is offered with 1 hour telephone support duration. For each WRT54GL access point a firmware is provided extra, where all configuration is contained, as well as informations over neighbour access points. Installation of the firmware (supplied with CD) is to be done (supported by phone) by the customer.

Further 4 same access points are to be supplied. The places of set up are suggested, however the customer can determine this by means of simple measurement through 5MB file transfer in the Internet. The different firmware is bound to the place of set up and not at access point hardware. Therefore it is possible with a damage of a access point to be simply renewed by firmware updates on new one.

For 2 access points in the 3rd floor, (where no power is in the proximity,) 2 PoE adapter (non-802.3af) with 10m Cat5 cable are planned. In addition 3 neutral boxes (300x220x120mm light-grey) are planned for access points in the corridor.

Installation summary
The customer could do the firmware update and installation within a day, without our technical support. The set up places were changed a little, the suggested height however always remained over 2,4m. An access point on the upper floor should be taken down in case of damage, since both small rooms to the left are rarely occupied.