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WiFi Hotspot Server Solution
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Below an archived solution, before 2010.    Current Competences: VPN & PXE Server, WLAN Hotspot, Traffic Shaping, Firewall

Hotspot & Radius Server Solution for several locations

The task
For an international consulting corporation with several locations is to be realized a hotspot internet access solution. Hotspot Internet is to be made available in training course areas and within the waiting range. Selected customers and visitor are to receive internet access at all locations with the single account.

Internet entrance including log in/registration is to be arranged simple and customer friendly.
Data security and logging have to fulfil corporation standards and comply with legal requirements.

Monitoring, first & second level support of the hotspot networks are to be handed over gradually to corporation IT department’s main location, where also the user administration is to be located.

Sylbek Hotspot & Radius Server Lösung für mehrere Standorte

Planning and realization
In the main location two systems (in the 1U rack) will be installed redundantly, through VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol. A public IP address will be ordered and assigned to the system. If possible all user accounts are administered in the radius server in the main location. VPN server (same system) manages all hotspot devices, which makes available a closed network through encrypted VPN tunnel.

At local hotspots in the local data base can be created shared accounts to be used from several course participant in order to achieve a simple and efficient handling of the Internet usage.
For customers and visitors prefabricated access cards (visiting cards similarly) will be printed and lied ready.

The executive task of the data priority for selected customers and visitor take over local hotspot server, while these accounts can be used global to all hotspot locations.

Corporation IT department takes over (from the beginning) user administration and first level support. Partially the Hotspot access points are installed by local specialists with our remote support. This task will be divided in such a way, also with a hardware exchange in case of failure, so the outage time is minimized.

The Design of the Hotspot login / greeting pages and the access cards will be adapted to the homepage of the respective locations. That way from customer view the corporation is recognized as the hotspot operator.