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VPN Server, Windows SSTP
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Below an archived solution, before 2010.    Current Competences: VPN & PXE Server, WLAN Hotspot, Traffic Shaping, Firewall

WiFi hotspot for hotel guests, Internet in every room

The task
A 4-star hotel does not lie far from the International Trade Fair. On fair days the 90 rooms are occupied almost to 100%. Internet access exists already, and partially covers the reception and conference rooms. This was realized by a large company a half year ago. Internet access is to be made available in all rooms inclusive balcony, as well as in the restaurant, conference area and in the garden.

Planning: Local measurement and offer
Since the hotel is 200km away, an appointment would be made to accomplish measurements locally. One determines how strong is the loss for 2.4 GHz through the walls. Unfortunately it is offen not possible to calculate the installation costs without measurment, since the connection to the customers devices is to be realized over wireless on 802.11/b/g. The measurement was free of charge for the customer. Markings are drawn on the building plans to determine the number of access points, cable, switches, and work expected. The offer contains among others the deployed technologies, hardware, software, and installation duration. A detailed installation plan is also offered to the customer, in case of the partial acceptance of the offer and wish to take over (or engage the local installer) for the subtasks.

Sylbek Hotspot for hotel guests

Realisation and deployed technologies
Access points in 2.4GHz 802.11b/g, with PoE support 802.3af were planed. The floors were connected with Access points in bridge mode. For the garden range an access point with a small outdoor antenna was enough. Hotspot server SBSL311 with license for 200 simultaneous connections is used. A complete measure protocol for each room could not be made, however the difficult attainable points were measured and partly as rework done.

1000 access cards (1024 KBit Download, 128 KBit upload) were allready printed and inserted in the hotspot server. The log in/greeting page was also provided. Additionally to the hotel website, which was already assigned in wallid garden (free for all), still the fair website and the city website came along.

The customer was referred to the legal responsibilities, that the customers log in ans log out times are logged by. An allocation from access codes to the names is made by (access cards) handing over from the reception personnel. The customer was instructed how to realise Windows VPN accounts, for regular customers. In addition some VoIP accounts were added, in hotspot server, which must be adapted later to the customer equipment (MAC address). A VoIP Traffic priority did not take place, since the demand for IP telephony at that time was estimated to be low.