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WiFi Hotspot Server Solution
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Below an archived solution, before 2010.    Current Competences: VPN & PXE Server, WLAN Hotspot, Traffic Shaping, Firewall

Client-Bridge - Linksys WRT54GL Firmware Update

For Linksys WRT54GL OpenSource Version (Linux follower of WRT54G, WRT54GS)

Note download (successor) for Linksys E900 Firmware. This allows you to extend a WLAN network with 3 access points per WDS. If you are looking for more extensive solution see Hotspot-WLAN-Repeater

The following software is subject to GPL. That means its allowed to be used without restriction for each purpose (also commercial). Even if no special update problems are to be expected, we do not take any responsibility that the software is error free. Therefore use at own risk!

In the moment as a basic firmware the DD-WRT SP2 is used (without change at source code).
DD-WRT offers stability and many functions to you for numerous hardware and software options
This adapted WRTGL firmware supports only Linksys WRT54GL router.

If you have 2 Linksys WRT54GL devices you can realize a network (see drawing), simply by downloading and do updates. No further configuration is needed.

WRTGL Client-Bridge Firmware with pre-configuration

Advantages of the WRTGL WDS firmware
  • Without any previous knowledge for the bridged network settings, you can realise this within minutes with up to 30MBit net speed
  • All 5 LAN ports of the switch are usable, therefore further 5 devices are directly connectable at the WRTGL access point
  • All network disruptions are already deactivated in the firmware, therefore no concern of double IP addresses, DHCP, Firewall etc.
  • The transmitting power is set (law-conformal) for EU countries. You can increase or reduce these however at will but at own responsibility.
  • If the hardware should fail, you can re-establish the function with another WRT54GL hardware within minutes
  • You can reconfigure the WRTGL access point at will, as soon as you reset the device all functions and settings of this firmware are restored

WRTGL Firmware Download
sylbek-wrtgl-wds-ap11.bin (IP: Username:admin Password:sylbek)
sylbek-wrtgl-client-bridge31.bin (IP: Username:admin Password:sylbek)

Firmware Update
For Linksys WRT54GL OpenSource Version (Linux follower of WRT54G, WRT54GS)
  1. At your computer enter the IP and connect with the cable to the router
  2. Ping your router (for example ping -t only if you see a continuous answer, continue with a firmware update
  3. About 2 min after the firmware update is done, press with a pin the RESET key at your router for about 20 seconds
  4. After a short time the WRT54GL should answer from ping -t
  5. Continue to do similarly with the other device. If your first device (wireless) answers to ping -t, then you successfully installed the WDS mode