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VPN Server, Windows SSTP
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About Us
We are an owner run business formed in September 2003.
We started as a regional IT service provider. Since 2005 we offer as manufacturer around 40 product solutions throughout EU-Countries.
Seldom outside due to the customs administration.
When working with us you will receive all the flexibility you would expect of a family company as well as delivery capacity and product support from a manufacturer with a competent and direct point of contact.

For years, we have been able to produce company solutions, preconfigure and deliver according to customer requirements and if necessary customize by phone/remote support.
Among others solutions: WiFi Hotspot, Site2Site & Host2Site VPN, Windows and Ubuntu Mini-PC/ThinClients, traffic shaping for bandwidth management are product groups that we stock in several variants.

Before we offer a product for sale, it will be evaluated for its performance/price and made available to selected customers in order to receive feedback on its capability in the field.
In order to achieve this aim offen we use products of the 'new technology', when their reliability and long time availability can be maintained.

In our shop you can select products, complete as an solutions yourself and buy them immediately. Quantity availability is also shown for selectable components in the shopping cart. Quick installation guides are included. Sylbek products are mostly preinstalled according to customer specifications.

What you won't get from us is the approach of a typical supplier, in the classical sense, with the question 'whether you need anything' We refrain from 'unpleasant customer acquisition' through emails, faxes and phone calls as we find it better, in the age of spam emails, to concentrate on product/customer support and on other product marketing measures. We look upon ourselves as your cooperation partner and strive to have an honest and far reaching consultation with the aim of retaining you as a long term satisfied customer.

Your requests via email/telephone/fax for quotes, shipment and invoices can we mostly answer within hours.