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Microsoft Office 365 pricing
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Solutions: VPN Server, WLAN Hotspot, Traffic Shaper, Firewall, PXE-Boot

Through the presentation with examples we try to present the (complicated) matter somehow simplified.

VPN-Solution - Homeoffice
Customer Inquiry:
Many freelancers work for our company. They work partly from their Homeoffice.
Existing VPN router in main office (Office.1), is to be replaced due to low throughput. It may be also replaced the VPN-Gateway in the external office (Office.2) so that a throughput of 50Mbit is achieved.

Solution Proposal:
SBR701-1U-VPN (server rack available) is offered for Office.1 with parallel operation SSTP & IPsec. Clients decide which protocol is used. SSTP achieves a TCP throughput of ca. 600Mbit, so there are enough reserves for the future. SSTP client is available as of Windows7 computer. Other clients (Linux-Android, Apple iOS) can use IPsec.

For Office.2, SBR234-VPN is offered. With a preinstalled SSTP client it achieves a throughput of approx. 200Mbit.
Customer is pointed out that is needed a fixed public IP for the main office. For Pre-configuration we need to know existing IP addresses for Office.1 and Office.2. Customer can set these IP addresses also later.
Bandwidth Manager
Customer Inquiry:
Our nearly 60 employees complain again and again the Internet is too slow. There are several internet lines bundled together so that a theoretically 100Mbit is available in download.
Both managing directors are to receive a guaranteed speed of approx. 15Mbit. Likewise, the production should have a speed of 20Mbit. Other departments such as purchasing should receive lower speed.

Solution Proposal:
Offered SBR234-1U-TS (server rack available, otherwise SBR234-TS). The device is currently only used for Internet bandwidth optimization and is to be connected between the Internet switch and departments. Customer has sent the subnet information, so the device is preconfigured and the desired bandwidths for download are set. For uplod is set, download-50% (half of download). Other users / employees receive a limited speed of 5Mbit in Download and 2Mbit in Upload. These speeds of course can be adjusted later.

In addition to the unit price, a customized configuration of 290 EUR is written in the offer. Withit customers can optimize business processes for less than 900 EUR and satisfy managers and co-workers. There will be a better system response when surfing. Underprivileged are big downloads that take longer.
Hotspot Solution - Municipal Administration
Customer Inquiry:
Municipal administration would like to install WLAN network. Citizens and tourists should receive free internet access via WLAN on the Rathausplatz and 5 other parts of the city. Citizens should be able to surf the Internet after confirming the terms of use. It should be ensured that the Internet through 'City WLAN' can only be used for a limited time. Some websites of the city institutions and associations should be visited without time limit. The employees should have unlimited Internet access and access data securely to the Rathaus network. As shown on the draft (not visible here), we will need ca. 6 outdoor and 4 indoor access points, that are to be mounted by our technicians.

Solution Proposal:
Our hotspot server solutions fulfill by default the requirements for a simple usage and limited user access.
Users (citizens, tourists) connect with 'City WLAN' accepts terms and conditions and can surf 2 hours daily Internet. Users can visit city pages without time restriction.
To ensure that surf speed does not suffer, we set maximum speed of 2Mbit in download. This rate is doubled for 5sec long after each klick. All these settings can be changed or adjusted at any time. According to the draft 4x Hotspot and VPN server are required. In addition have these to function as VPN gateways, so that employees can be securely connected to the Rathaus network. Employee WLAN devices can connect with Private.Net through WPA encryption, and thus use internet without limitation.
Cost: less than 2200 EUR for all devices with current prices included a fee of 395 EUR, for 4x additional installation and preconfiguration of VPN servers and gateways.
Firewall Hardware

19inch 1u,

Firewall Hardware for: pfSense, OPNsense, IPfire, ClearOS
For customers who want to implement their own solutions, we also offer hardware without software. We use the same hardware for the solutions above. Other customers, of whom many resellers, use this hardware with 3-8 network cards as a firewall solution, VPN server or Radius server with Captive Portal. Optionally we install the most used firewall software like: pfSense, OPNsense, IPfire, ClearOS, RouterOS. The devices are tested for compatibility, see Sylbek-Firewall-Hardware-Appliance.pdf.

The advantages of our Firewall Hardware
  • Powerful Firewall Systems with minimal power consumption
  • Selected Hardware with proven components to achive wide compatibility/stability with Linux and BSD operating systems
  • Modular design for easy replacing of parts like: common DDR3 memory, SATA and and PCIe interfaces
  • Industrial SLC storage for operating system, MLC storage for backups, FTP, WWW Server ...
  • In-stock product, delivery in 1−2 days, delivery capacity for large quantity
  • 3 years bring-in warranty with repair/replace within 1-3 days

More about firewall hardware: pfSense , OPNsense, IPfire, ClearOS, RouterOS.

Office 365 Support

Looking for more productivity and independence from classic LAN networks ?

Microsoft 365 Business Basic
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Microsoft 365 Business Premium
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Office 365 E1
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Office 365 E3
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Sylbek - User Support
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