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WiFi Hotspot Server Solution
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Manufacturer: TP-Link   Category: Wireless > WiFi Bridge

2x AccessPoints 802.11n 60Mbit/net TCP Throughput incl. WPA2

Item No.: 81746, Condition: New, Availability: in stock

TP-Link / Atheros 2.4GHz, 150Mbit 802.11n with 5 Port megabit switch, preconfigured as bridge using WPA2 encryption for 60Mbit/net TCP throughput

These access points are delivered preconfigured and installed with DD-WRT Software.
offers you stability and professional functionality.
2x AccessPoints 802.11n 60Mbit/net TCP Throughput incl. WPA2
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Product Features
  • 2.4 GHz, 802.11g, 802.11n, 150Mbit
  • Size: 174x118x33mm, 0.22kg
  • 5-Port Megabit switch
  • 1x 3dBi antenna
  • Wall mountable via 2 screws
  • Installed and preconfigured with DD-WRT

With these access points can be achieved net bandwidths up to 60 Mbit wirelessly (WPA2 encrypted) and over 70Mbit through LAN.

Both access points are preconfigured as bridge, so all devices connected with incl. 2x5Port switches can communicate with each other.

All access points are pre-configured and labelled so that you only have to position and connect up the units.