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Manufacturer: TP-Link   Category: Wireless > DualSSID Access Point

300Mbit 802.11n dual SSID AccessPoint, 5-Port Switch, DD-WRT

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TP-Link / Atheros 2.4GHz, 300Mbit 802.11n with 5 Port Megabit switch, preconfigured for use in a cable connected network with multiple access points

This access point together with Hotspot Server gives you as the customer many advantages, which are described below.

Every access point features an public network (Hotspot) and a private network (LAN). Customers and guests connect with the Hotspot network and as soon as they wish to surf the internet, they will receive a welcome/login page, so they can login typping their username and password.

Clients can only connect to the private network (LAN) of the access point if they own the WPA key (employee). As soon as the client connect with access point they can then access the internet and exchange data with other LAN clients.
300Mbit 802.11n dual SSID AccessPoint, 5-Port Switch, DD-WRT
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Product Features
  • 2T2R MIMO 2.4 GHz, 802.11g, 802.11n, 300Mbit
  • Size: 192x130x33mm, 0.3kg
  • 5-Port Megabit Switch, 1x Internet, 4x Hotspot
  • dual WLAN Network: Public/Hotspot, Privat/LAN/WPA2
  • 2x 3dBi antennas
  • Wall mountable via 2 screws
  • Installed and preconfigured with DD-WRT

Bandwidths up to 75 Mbit net (TCP-throughput) can be achieved with this access point

All access points are preconfigured for use in a cable connected network with multiple access points (Unique IP Address). You will receive all access data in order to customise these preconfigured settings.

In order to save on cabling, you can use the existing 5 port switch (present in all access points) to extend a Cat5 cable. If a client does not have a WLAN network card you can connect it via cable to the nearest access point.

Click on the picture for a better representation

Hotspot AccessPoint Atheros DD-WRT multiple SSID
Wireless Network with with multiple PoE access points

If you can use a single cable for each access point (as in the diagram above) then you can also provide power over this cable. For these access points are optionally following products available:

PoE Passiv Set - Injector + 15m Cat6 Cable + Splitter
PoE 802.3af Adapter 48V & Splitter 5v 9v 12v
Plastic box 240x175x50mm IP65 f. Router, Switch, AccessPoint

All access points are pre-configured and labelled so that you only have to position and connect up the units.
Some configurations data can be optionally pre-configured for you as required.