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5 Results from Category: Power-over-Ethernet
19,99 EUR
23,79 € incl. MwSt
Manufacturer: Other Accessories
With these 2 adapters (ø 5.5/2.5mm) incl. 15m cat5e cabel in black, you can pass power (around 1A at 12V) to an electrical device.
29,99 EUR
35,69 € incl. MwSt
Manufacturer: TP-Link
With this set of PoE adapters (802.3af conform) you can pass the power over ethernet cable to an electrical device with 5v, 9v or 12v
59,00 EUR
70,21 € incl. MwSt
Manufacturer: Trendnet
With this set of gigabit PoE adapters 802.3af conform you can pass the power over ethernet cable to an 5v, 7.5v ,9v or 12v electrical device
149,00 EUR
177,31 € incl. MwSt
Manufacturer: TP-Link
Bundle consists of: 1x megabit switch 8-Port, 4-Ports of them are PoE 802.3af compliant 48v/15w and 4 pieces adapter/splitter for 5v or 12v devices
249,99 EUR
297,49 € incl. MwSt
Manufacturer: Trendnet
This bundle contains: 1x Netgear gigabit switch with 8-Port, 4 ports are PoE 802.3af conform and 4x Trendnet gigabit splitter for 5v, 7.5v, 9v or 12v
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