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Firewall Hardware Appliances
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Linux IPFire hardware and software installation on Sylbek firewall

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IPFire is operable via an intuitive webinterface, which offers a lot of playground for beginners and even experienced administrators.

IPFire is a linux-distribution that focusses on easy setup, good handling and a high niveau of security.
IPFire is maintained by experienced developers, who are really concerned about security and regulary updates to keep it secure.
IPFire ships with a custom built paket-manager called Pakfire, so the system can be expanded with various addons.

The main focus of the IPFire distribution is being a firewall. It splits the network into several parts and allows only operations that are allowed by policy.

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Further product features
  • stateful inspection firewall based on linux netfilter architecture
  • intrusion detection system with Guardian addon as extension (IPS system)
  • filter for invalid/non-standard packages
  • separate network segments for server (DMZ) and wireless with custom policies
  • DoS attack protection
  • application proxies for HTTP and FTP (with access control and content filtering) and DNS
  • incoming and outgoing packet filtering
  • Quality of Service and traffic shaping

This product includes the installation of the software on to our supplied hardware:

You can also install the firewall software yourself on any compatible hardware. To do this download the current version from the official website and follow the setup instructions there.

If you ordered the software installation together with the Sylbek firewall hardware please take the following into account:

WEB-Access (Green):
Root-Username: root
WEB-Username: admin
Password: sylbek
Documentation zu Konfiguration
This product does not include any further help with setup or configuration.