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2x Outdoor 5GHz Wireless Bridge 2x15dBi Antenne f. 5km/75MBit
229,00 EUR
272,51 € incl. MwSt

Both WiFi bridges come assembled with a built in 15dBi antenna, PoE adapter, 15m Cat6 cable, preconfigured to connect 2 networks

Outdoor WiFi Hotspot S14_05 Solution for use with multiple repeaters
239,00 EUR
284,41 € incl. MwSt

Outdoor WLAN Hotspot 802.11ac with user management of 150 simultaneous connections and 320Mbit throughput.

2x Outdoor Wireless Bridge Gigabit for 4Km, 290Mbit Net Throughput
258,00 EUR
307,02 € incl. MwSt

Both WiFi gigabit bridges (5GHZ 802.11ac) can connect 2 networks with 290 Mbit/Net TCP-Throughput. With 15dBi antenna, PoE adapter, 15m cat6 outdoor cable

Sylbek Hotspot-S13_05 Solution incl. Accesspoint_02 for large buildings
285,00 EUR
339,15 € incl. MwSt

WLAN hotspot 802.11n with user management of 100 simultaneous connections. PoE-In & PoE-Out for optimal power supply.

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