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PoE 802.3af Adapter 48V & Splitter 5v 9v 12v
19,99 EUR
23,19 € incl. MwSt

With this set of PoE adapters (802.3af conform) you can pass the power over ethernet cable to an electrical device with 5v, 9v or 12v

300Mbit 802.11n dual SSID AccessPoint, 5-Port Switch, DD-WRT
49,99 EUR
57,99 € incl. MwSt

TP-Link / Atheros 2.4GHz, 300Mbit 802.11n with 5 Port Megabit switch, preconfigured for use in a cable connected network with multiple access points

Load Balance Broadband Router MultiWAN 4x WAN 1x LAN
49,99 EUR
57,99 € incl. MwSt

4 WAN ports, which can satisfy various Internet access requirements through one device. TL-R470T+ integrates multiple load balancing strategies

8-Port Megabit Switch - 4x PoE / 15.4W 802.3af Compliant
69,99 EUR
81,19 € incl. MwSt

Supports PoE power up to 15.4W for each PoE port, PoE IEEE 802.3af compliant, external power adapter supply

2x AccessPoints 802.11n 60Mbit/net TCP Throughput incl. WPA2
79,00 EUR
91,64 € incl. MwSt

TP-Link / Atheros 2.4GHz, 150Mbit 802.11n with 5 Port megabit switch, preconfigured as bridge using WPA2 encryption for 60Mbit/net TCP throughput

8-Port Switch, 4-Port PoE 48v & 4xPoE Adapter/Splitter 5v, 12v
149,00 EUR
172,84 € incl. MwSt

Bundle consists of: 1x megabit switch 8-Port, 4-Ports of them are PoE 802.3af compliant 48v/15w and 4 pieces adapter/splitter for 5v or 12v devices

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