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VPN Server, Windows SSTP
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Mikrotik RouterOS L4-License with installation on Sylbek hardware

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Mikrotik RouterOS is a fast & slim Linux-32Bit operating system. With it is possible to implement a firewall, VPN or hotspot system.

Mikrotik RouterOS L4-License with installation on Sylbek hardware
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RouterOS Firewall provides features to make use of internal connection, routing and packet marks. It can filter by IP address, address range, port, port range, IP protocol, DSCP and other parameters, also supports Static and Dynamic Address Lists, and can match packets by pattern in their content, specified in Regular Expressions, called Layer7 matching. The RouterOS Firewall facility also supports IPv6.

RouterOS supports various methods of configuration - local access with keyboard and monitor, Over IP through secure SSH, WEB-Interface or through Winbox (for Windows). Winbox supports also connection through MAC-Address.

This product offered here includes license level 4 (L4).

L4 supports connections of 200x PPPoE, 200x Hotspot, 20 User Manager.
L5 supports connections of 500x PPPoE, 500x Hotspot, 50 User Manager.
L6 supports unlimited connections für PPPoE, Hotspot, or User Manager.

Optional upgrade to:

Further Information: Mikrotik hardware throughput and compatibility test.
This product includes the licence and installation on the hardware we offer:

You can also install the firewall software yourself on any compatible hardware. To do this download Mikrotik RouterOS from the official website https://www.mikrotik.com and follow the setup instructions there.

If you ordered the software installation together with the Sylbek firewall hardware please take the following into account:

WEB-Access (Green):
WEB-Username: admin
Password: sylbek
Documentation and configuration help

This product does not include any further help with configuration.