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LTE WiFi Hotspot Router for car, truck, bus, dual SIM, GPS
249,00 EUR
296,31 € incl. MwSt
Category Sylbek Solution, WiFi Hotspot    Manufacturer Sylbek

WiFi hotspot for 100 concurrent users, hardware: LTE router with built-in 802.11n dualSSID access point, GPS and 2x SIM cards

DualSSID Repeater-S11 configured for Sylbek Hotspot, 80Mbit throughput
88,00 EUR
104,72 € incl. MwSt
Category Wireless, WiFi-Repeater    Manufacturer Mikrotik

Access point and repeater with 2 networks (guest/private) adapted to Sylbek hotspot, for wall / ceiling mounting, 80 Mbit Data throughput

Small computer for linux applications, OpenWrt access point
20,00 EUR
23,80 € incl. MwSt
Category Remnants, Accessories    Manufacturer Other Accessories

Small computer for linux applications, example access point with OpenWrt

300Mbit 802.11n dual SSID AccessPoint, 5-Port Switch, DD-WRT
49,99 EUR
59,49 € incl. MwSt
Category Wireless, DualSSID Access Point    Manufacturer TP-Link

TP-Link / Atheros 2.4GHz, 300Mbit 802.11n with 5 Port Megabit switch, preconfigured for use in a cable connected network with multiple access points

WiFi Outdoor Hotspot for school, town, municipalities and public areas
229,00 EUR
272,51 € incl. MwSt
Category Sylbek Solution, WiFi Hotspot    Manufacturer Sylbek

Sylbek WiFi hotspot solution is designed to provide your citizens and visitors with easy wireless internet in public areas.

2x Wand Befestigung, Halter f. outdoor AccessPoint & Bridge
29,00 EUR
34,51 € incl. MwSt
Category Accessories, Wireless    Manufacturer Ubiquiti Networks

Flexible wall, ceiling, ground mount for antenna access point bridges

Hotspot Access Code Generator, 12 Monate Zugang (12 months access)
36,00 EUR
42,84 € incl. MwSt
Category Sylbek Solution, Sylbek Services    Manufacturer Sylbek

With hotspot access card designer you can quickly and professionally design, create and insert 1000-de access cards into the hotspot server.

2x Outdoor Wireless Bridge 802.11a 5GHz - 8km/75Mbit WPA2
240,00 EUR
285,60 € incl. MwSt
Category Remnants, WiFi Bridge    Manufacturer Ubiquiti Networks

Both Access Points come assembled with a built in 19dBi antenna, PoE adapter, 15m Cat5e cable, preconfigured as a wireless bridge

Hotspot Server 19inch 1U for 500 users, Intel G4400 2x3.3GHz
699,00 EUR
831,81 € incl. MwSt
Category Sylbek Solution, WiFi Hotspot    Manufacturer Sylbek

High Performant Hotspot Server, 19 inch 1U Rack version with Intel G4400 2x3.3GHz, for 500 users, (option for 4000 users)

Hotspot Server High Performant for 500 Users, 2x3GHz CPU
629,00 EUR
748,51 € incl. MwSt
Category Sylbek Solution, WiFi Hotspot    Manufacturer Sylbek

High Performat Hotspot Server SBR701-HS for 500 users (option 4000 users) with G4400 2x3.3GHz, 2GB RAM, 120GB SSD

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