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DualSSID Accesspoint-S13 configured for Sylbek Hotspot, PoE-in, PoE-out
95,00 EUR
110,20 € incl. MwSt
Category EOL    Manufacturer Mikrotik

Access point and repeater with 2 networks (guest/private) adapted to Sylbek hotspot with 2x ethernet ports, 80Mbit data throughput

Small VPN Server/Gateway SBR85M-VPN 6MBit IPsec, 25MBit SSTP SSL
215,00 EUR
249,40 € incl. MwSt
Category Sylbek Solution, VPN Server Gateway    Manufacturer Sylbek

Usable as VPN Server or VPN Gateway for networks with ca. 40 users. It can achive (a TCP-Throughput of) up to 30MBit SSTP and 8MBit IPsec

Cisco RV042G Gigabit DualWAN & VPN Router 2x WAN 4x LAN
169,00 EUR
196,04 € incl. MwSt
Category LAN Network, MultiWAN Router    Manufacturer Cisco Systems

The Cisco RV042G enables two connections, either to a single service provider, with load balancing to improve performance, or to different providers

Sylbek Hotspot-S13_05 Solution incl. Accesspoint_02 for large buildings
285,00 EUR
330,60 € incl. MwSt
Category EOL    Manufacturer Mikrotik

WLAN hotspot 802.11n with user management of 100 simultaneous connections. PoE-In & PoE-Out for optimal power supply.

2x AccessPoints 802.11n 60Mbit/net TCP Throughput incl. WPA2
79,00 EUR
91,64 € incl. MwSt
Category Wireless, WiFi Bridge    Manufacturer TP-Link

TP-Link / Atheros 2.4GHz, 150Mbit 802.11n with 5 Port megabit switch, preconfigured as bridge using WPA2 encryption for 60Mbit/net TCP throughput

Linksys 300Mbit Access Point, dual SSID, 5-Port Switch, DD-WRT
53,50 EUR
62,06 € incl. MwSt
Category Wireless, DualSSID Access Point    Manufacturer Linksys

Linksys 802.11n 2.4Ghz 300Mbit Access Point with 5 Port Megabit switch, preconfigured for use in a cable connected network with multiple access points

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