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VPN Server/Gateway SBR234-VPN 50Mbit IPsec, 200Mbit SSTP SSL

Item No.: 81838, Model: SBR234-VPN, Condition: New, Availability: in stock

Usable as VPN Server or VPN Gateway for networks with ca. 100-200 users. It can achive (a TCP-Throughput of) up to 200MBit SSTP and 50MBit IPsec

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Product features
  • Intel dual Celeron N3050 2x1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, 32GB SATA3 MLC SSD 2.5", 3x gigabit network interfaces: 2x Bridge/Wan, 1x Firewall
  • Software: Linux RouterOS with VPN L2TP-IPsec und SSTP SSL, usable as VPN-Server or VPN-Gateway
  • VPN-Server for IPsec clients (Host-to-Site), available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS or SSTP clients available on Windows: Vista, 7, 8 ..
  • VPN-Gateway for tethered clients to connect the Sylbek VPN-Server network (Site-to-Site)
  • Performance: up to 200 concurrent connections SSTP and 200Mbit throughput, 100 concurrent connections IPsec and 50Mbit throughput
  • 17W power consumption, 12V 5A power supply
  • Dimensions: (WxDxH) 311x241x65mm,
    position: horizontally or vertically,
    weight 2.5 kg
  • Warranty, bring-in: 36 months, replace/repair within 2-3 days
  • Color: black/silver, Certificate: CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE
  • Installation and configuration phone assistance is included

When you order this product it will come preconfigured as a VPN server. Included are user templates as example. Over WEB-Interface or WinBox (windows tool) you can change the mode to VPN-Gateway (1 click action).

As a service to customers, the unit can be pre-configured with your IP settings to match source and destination networks so that you can immediately test it. After changing passwords and users, the unit can be put into operation. Multiple IPSec and SSTP clients can be connected simultaneously. Please see the diagram below.

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Sylbek VPN Server & Windows Clients (Host-to-Site)
Sylbek VPN Server & Windows Clients (Host-to-Site)

Sylbek VPN Server or Gateway includes 2 options for connections:

Bridge Mode - The unit will be installed without routing and firewall functions. This is especially suitable when you wish to connect the unit transparently behind a router/firewall in your network. This means no need for IP changes to your LAN clients. The VPN server’s only job is to encode traffic to your detination network. (see diagram).

Firewall-Mode - The unit protects your source network though a pre-configured and integrated firewall. It can be directly connected to your modem. Furthermore the server acts as an internet gateway and encodes the connections to and from your VPN network.

SSTP und SSL Certificate
In order to achieve a successful connection of windows SSTP clients with a VPN server, a trusted certificate is required. To achieve this, our certificate issued by USERTrust/Comodo, is pre-installed and can be used together with this product. The certificate must be updated yearly and will be made available as a download in advance. The renewal costs 15 Euros net per customer per year, independent of the number of units.
Alternatively you can use your own trusted certificate. A self signed certificate will only be provided for site to site SSTP-VPN connections. In both cases there will be a one-off fee of 80 Euros net.

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