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WiFi Outdoor Hotspot for school, town, municipalities and public areas

Item No.: 81830, Model: SBR951-HS, Condition: New, Availability: in stock

Sylbek WiFi hotspot solution is designed to provide your citizens and visitors with easy wireless internet in public areas.

Your citizens expect from you, not only a free WiFi access but also an easy use without annoying registration, activation etc. Best of all through one click on login button, done.
Exactly for these needs we offer this product.
WiFi Outdoor Hotspot for school, town, municipalities and public areas

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product features
  • For about 100 devices and an outdoor area with a radius of about 150m
  • No user administration required
  • mounting and operation monitoring can be done by your technician, saving you installation costs
  • Installation support (by phone / remote) available, by appointment
  • Range extension (per cable or wirelessly) is possible with additional indoor or outdoor access points, can be offered by us as an option
  • Rent instead of buying, 36 months rent for 15 EUR net per month
  • Warranty when buying: 24 months, when renting: 36-60 months
  • Certificates: CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE, Temperature range: -30 °C to +60 °C

Further technical specification
  • Hardware: 600MHz MIPS CPU, 64MB RAM, 16MB Flash System Memory
  • Access point: 300 MBit 802.11n, antenna: 2dBi integrated, beam angle 360°, Ethernet: 1x 100Mbit
  • DualSSID operation: 1x public WiFi with welcome page, 1x private network with WPA2 key
  • Power consumption: 4W maximum, dimensions: 184x85x28mm, weight: 0.2 Kg, color: white,
  • PoE adapter and 15m ethernet cable are included, operation with PoE switch is possible
  • Mounting for mast, wall, ceiling available
  • Existing welcome page (German/English) can be changed and extended
  • Default Setting: Each device can use 4 hours per day internet with 4Mbp/s download speed. This can be adjusted at any other value

Sylbek Hotspot Function
Customers and visitors with their internet capable device who find themselves within range of your hotspot are able to see your WLAN SSID (which you name by wish) and can connect with it. As soon as an user call up a web page they will be directed to your welcome page (which you can change as you wish). In case of hotspot simplified login, users can use Internet right after accepting your Terms and Conditions. You can set for the time and speed limits of internet use.

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