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VPN Server - Windows SSTP client

VPN tunneling solution for Windows SSTP client, site2site gateway

There is a wide range of VPN solutions on the market. Most, however, have low throughput or are too expensive. We offer a powerful and affordable alternative for VPN tunnel solution that focuses only on the essentials.

The benefits of Sylbek VPN Solution
  • Throughput advantage (speed vpn): due to the use of powerful hardware and RouterOS, a 32-bit slim embedded Linux system
  • Price performance for VPN server: due to the use of the latest hardware with Intel processors: pentium, i3, i5, i7, Xeon
  • Free VPN Client: SSTP client is available by default in Windows, L2TP/IPsec is compatible with other client platforms
  • Proven Stability: same hardware with RouterOS has been used for years as a hotspot server, traffic shaper, other Linux VPN and firewall distributions
  • Compatibility: Transparent bridge ports to VPN server or VPN gateway do not require reconfiguration of customer network components
  • Internet access: by using VPN gateways (site2site vpn) internet traffic is routed directly to provider, while VPN access automatically goes to pre-registered VPN-Network
  • Ready to use: if desired by prior configuration according to customer network specifications
  • Optional support by specialized staff in German/English can be arranged, so you can calculate in prior the support cost for home-office workplaces

On VPN server are preinstalled for parallel use the proven L2TP over IPsec with 3DES Encryption, as well as SSTP (with AES & PFS support) which achieves a high throughput. OpenVPN over TCP 443 is offered optionally.
A VPN server is required to access the corporate network from multiple home offices, see drawing below.

SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) client is available for Windows free of charge and can be easily installed by users without administration rights. SSTP is also available for download for other platforms. IPsec is also installed on the VPN server, so rest of client platforms can use it.

VPN Tunnel host to site: Windows VPN Client <-> VPN Server

VPN Tunnel Windows SSTP VPN Server

Sylbek VPN Server or Gateway includes 2 options for connection:

Bridge-Mode - Device is connected without routing and firewall functions. This is especially useful if you connect the device transparently in your network behind your router/firewall. There is no need to change IP for your LAN clients. VPN Server's job is to encrypt traffic destined for your target VPN network.

Firewall-Mode - Device protects your network with integrated and preconfigured firewall. It can be connected directly to your modem. It also routes your network to the Internet and encrypts connections to and from your VPN network.

For networks with multiple locations, we recommend using site to site VPN solutions. The main location requires a VPN server and VPN gateway is needed in other locations. As mentioned above, Sylbek VPN gateways provide the flexibility to route Internet traffic over corporate network or directly through the Internet router/provider.

Site to site VPN Server <--> VPN Gateway over STP/SSL protocol

Site2Site VPN Server/Gateway STP/SSL

SSTP and SSL certificate
A trusted certificate is required to successfully connect the Windows SSTP clients to a VPN server. For this purpose, our certificate (issued by USERTrust/Comodo) is preinstalled and can be used together with the product.
Alternative is the use of own trusted certificate. We can support you to obtain a certificate and enter it in the VPN server.
A 10-year self-signed certificate is only offered for site to site SSTP VPN.

In our shop you will find current VPN products, which we keep in several variants in stock:

To find the right device for your network see VPN Solution - comparison. For your questions, or for an individual PDF offer write us.