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WiFi Hotspot Server Solution
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Hotspot server - hardware & software solution for hotel, public places

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What is Hotspot?

The hotspot (sometimes hot spot) is a public access to the Internet. Most are a WiFi hotspots to be found in the hotel, restaurant, airport, hospital, school, camping, park ...
Unlike ordinary home WiFi, a professional WiFi hotspot device (router, gateway, server, or access point only) does not require WPA encryption, but displays a welcome page or login page to pass before the Internet can be used.

In the past, Internet access via a hotspot was usually paid by the user (visitors, guests, customers, citizens, patients ...). Nowadays, WiFi usage is taken for granted or as an inclusive service.

Sylbek Hotspot solution

Hotspot solutions are offered since 2005, as well as VPN, bandwidth management and firewall hardware. If you buy Sylbek WiFi hotspot solution, you get hardware and software in one box, without running cost. So you can offer your customers a free professional service.

Sylbek Hotspot Server is a device that stores users locally and does not require any other services for the function, not even Internet. This means that it can also be used as an intranet information platform. Hotspot Server is connected between your Internet router and access points or switch. Any WiFi access point can be connected by cable.

Hotspot Server can be easily connected and installed as an usual DSL/VDSL Internet router.
It will be delivered pre-configured, as well as multi SSID access points, and even wireless repeaters if ordered all together, so you can simply connect the devices, as shown in the short guide. This saves you money for this professional work. You can also save on external costs if you take over the installation of the access points yourself.
During installation you can be supported by email, phone or remote maintance.

On our website you will find a lot of information about WiFi Hotspot solution. On this page you will find the most important information summarized. The usage of Sylbek hotspot solution is practically everywhere possible where professional WiFi needed, with a certain access control. Below, among others you can find 3 application examples: WiFi for hotel, WiFi for municipalities , Hotspot for car, truck, bus.

What makes us special

Our hotspot solution has some special features compared to most competitors, so it's a niche product. If we had to describe with only 3 words then it is: Independent, Flexible, Cheap.

The table below shows you some differences that mainly have to do with the question: Where are customer data or user data stored? In my local network or at the hotspot provider.

As of 12/2018Sylbek
Hotspot Server
Hotspot providers
Customer data storageLocal, customer hotspot serverAt Hotspot provider, Internet
Accessibility and adaptability
Customer has full accessProvider has full access
Simple login, without username/passwordYes
option during order
Rather No, if provider bills by number of users (1*)
SpeedDepending on internet access speedDepending on internet access speed
and hotspot provider speed
Internet usage
Yes through
integrated bandwidth manager
since only a local router device can enforce limits
IP anonymization (VPN-Routing)By default, no
optionally possible for 5€/monthly (2*)
Intranet operationYesNo
One time costs195 € for 50 concurrent users
739 € for 4000 concurrent users
?? €
depending on contract
Monthly costsnonearound 15-100 €
Network expansionYes
also by customer access points
with provider access points
and additional monthly charges

(1*) Simple login, without username/password
Note that this simplified login cause higher costs if an hotspot privider bills by number of users. In this case as a user is counted any device (with MAC address). For example, in the hotel WiFi hotspot can also login the nearby neighbors and passers.

(2*) VPN-Routing There are many VPN routing providers that allow 'anonymous surfing', see a list from heise.de with prices. For many of these providers, it is possible for about 60 EUR/annually to route the entire network and 'anonymize' the true IP.

In the table does not compare many of the unique features we offer, such as protecting customer network from user or user data, multi SSID access points with VLAN, support for non-browser devices, cost savings through supported self installation, etc. For more information, see Hotspot Properties.

Hotspot & GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should be written in clear and simple language. Accoding to it, the following for Sylbek hotspot server, which is hopefully understandable for all.

Sylbek Hotspot Server with integrated or supplied access points can be viewed as a simple WLAN, such as home WiFi from the point of view of GDPR.
Users do not register, but receive access authorization in the form of:
Username & password, password only, or solely by agreeing to the terms and conditions.
A WLAN provider can register users, but do not have to, according to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Hotspot servers and access points for operation need from client devices:
MAC address and IP address. The associated ligin time is needed if Internet use is to be limited.

These are the necessary data to provide the service, so there is no need for a privacy policy at all, if this data is not used for other purposes. In this case, WiFi use is also permitted by minors (under 16 years).
This is gratifyingly easy, considering how much more complicated a contact form of a website is, in the sense of GDPR.

It looks completely different when WiFi hotspot operator registers users with their name, address, etc. and possibly transfers this personal data to third-parties, for example to hotspot providers.
In this case a prior consent from the user must be obtained through privacy policy. For minors (under 16 years), however, the parents must agree clearly. Nevertheless, it remains questionable whether personal information are required for third-party hotspot service?

Hotspot servers and access points we deliver can optionally (if customer wishes) store advanced data to monitor the network functionality. For example, How many devices register at a location or access point, which device types, which servers and protocols are used on the Internet (Firewall Logging), see Data Retention.

In this context it should be mentioned that more and more WiFi users have doubts to use 'foreign WIFi hotspots' at all. This is not because of data protection in the sense of GDPR, but because they are unsure if, for example, a hacker can access their data. If users use VPN for their own company or HTTPS pages, the data must be considered safe during transport. Unfortunately one can not exclude that a hacker picks up data directly in the device (for example by an illegal app).

WiFi hotspot providers should take precautions to protect user data from access by unauthorized persons. in this regard we offer IP4-Isolation since 2012 to separate users/devices and prevent data exchange with each other.

Our WiFi hotspot solution is user-friendly through easy use and privacy protection (privacy by design), so it is well prepared for future legislative developments.

WiFi for hotel

Hotel guests expect WiFi as a matter of course. Although many guests have their own mobile Internet access, this is not enough for data-intensive applications such as Youtube or other streaming videos. A simple WiFi as usual Home-WiFi fulfills the purpose. With additional hotspot server you can show your guests through welcome page a professional service, with your logo, contact information, how your guests get access.

This welcome page will get your guests right after they connect to your access point, usually without encryption. Nowdays most hotels require only one password input, which you can deposit in your room notices.

You have the option to set a speed limit so that all your guests have more of your professional WiFi hotspot. This is an important feature as some guests have better wireless coverage than others and can slow down the Internet for others. For example, when a guest start a Youtube or Mediathek video, the speed is measured.
Without a speed limit, a guest can use approximately 25 Mbit/s for HD video. If you have 100 Mbit/s available, then 4 such guests are enough to exhaust your (actually fast) Internet. By seting speed limit of e.g. 5 Mbit/s download. Thus, video will have lower quality, but this is not noticeable on smartphones.

This feature is speciality of our hotspot server product, is not available from the majority of competitors. Additionaly, you can connect any access points of your choice to our hotspot server to achieve 100% coverage in all rooms, see below for an example building.
Wifi hotspot network solution

Network with many dualSSID access points

WiFi for municipalities

Free WiFi for your citizens and tourists is an important factor for perception as an attractive location. Your citizens expect from you, not only a free WiFi access but also an easy use without annoying registration, activation etc. Best of all through one click on login button, done.
Exactly for these needs we offer Outdoor WiFi Hotspot which can be extended by cable or wirelessly.

Do not wait for subsidies such as the WiFi4EU or something similar that requires too much administrative effort and contractuality. Be independent with your own professional hotspot access with your welcome page which you can design even individually to each of your location.

Your independence pays off when you think about how you can promote your nearby businesses (WiFi sponsoring), as is the case in regional newspapers today.

Our WiFi Hotspot solution are suitable for self-installation. Assembly can be done by your caretaker or technician. This is possible because the devices with local registration, are not complicated. There is a one-time configuration effort, e.g. What internet speed your citizens and tourists get (default setting 4 Mb/s) and how many hours a day is allowed to use internet. (default setting 4h /day/per device). Configurations with other values, is included in the price and thus the device is ready to use without without further efforts.

Hotspot for car, truck, bus

For years we have been serving business customers with hotspot solutions that depend on mobile Internet access, such as emergency vehicles, festival/trade fair organizers, etc.

The tariffs for mobile Internet access with date volume of more than 100 GB/month have become affordable for everyone. For this you need (maybe you already have) a simple device for 'mobile WiFi hotspot', costs about 50 EUR. This is often called a hotspot, even if it does not show a login or welcome page.

If you prefer to provide a professional hotspot with welcome page for others (on the way in the car, parking lot, traffic jam, near the event) then you can arrange it through our LTE WiFi Hotspot. It even saves you money by using bandwidth management or speed limit.

Speed limit is very important, otherwise your WiFi is also used from smartphones for updates, for high-quality videos, so your volume rate is quickly exhausted. This feature is speciality of our hotspot serverproduct, is not available from the majority of competitors.
Adapted to the needs of vehicles in motion, we offer the product, see: LTE WiFi Hotspot for car, dual SIM, GPS

Hotspot for car

Wifi hotspot for car with welcome page

Hotspot Server - user management

Since 2017 we offer optionaly the simplified hotspot login, see: one-click hotspot login.
A popular hotspot login, used mainly by hotels, is logging in by entering a password (or more). This prevents the internet access for 'not guests'. You determine the registration form as a selection when ordering. This reduces your administrative burden to a one-time task.

Creating customer accounts will be an ongoing process. This can be however made easier when you setup a onetime so called room user and post this in the room with instructions and terms of use. If you prepare users in an excel table you can import these into the hotspot server.

It is easy and professional to provide access in the form of a business card of your own design with access data, password/username, clearly readable on them. For this purpose we have supplied for many years a Print Manager that supports the production of access cards in business card format. This application is available for every Hotspot device for 2 years long (without charge) as one of three methods to allow internet access.

Buy hotspot

Hotspot products in several variants are kept in stock. In our shop you can buy these immediately, see the two relevant categories: WiFi Hotspot and WiFi Repeater.

PoE access points
In addition to WLAN repeaters, we also offer various PoE access points. All accessPoints that you order together with Hotspot Server are preconfigured by default with 2 networks called dual SSID access points. Each dual SSID access point has a public network (hotspot) and a private network (private). Guests who want to surf the Internet, connect to the hotspot network and get from the hotspot server a welcome page or login page. Only the clients that know WPA2 key (for example, employees) and enter them once can connect to the private network of the access point. With private network a user can access the Internet and exchange data with other LAN clients as if they were directly connected to your Internet router.

With additional networks, we can provide access points and hotspot servers preconfigured according to your needs. By using Open Source Linux RouterOS and DD-WRT it is very possible to realize your individual wishes.

To find the right device for your network you will see Hotspot hardware - comparison
For your questions or for an individual PDF offer write us.

Many companies (also resellers with multiple devices) have chosen our hotspot solution, have a look at the extract from our Hotspot reference list.