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WiFi Hotspot Server Solution
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WiFi hotspot server - properties

Hotspot Provider

  • User administration locally, no extra monthly costs, except for your internet line
  • User access logging, session logging locally
  • Optinal extended logging, Firewall logging localy or remote over network
  • Bandwidth-Management (QoS) for each user/device (limit download/upload, speed, time)
  • Walled Garden function for free websites
  • Simple cable conection with any access points of your choice and any Internet source (as well as Intranet)
  • Installation support (by phone / remote) available, by appointment
  • 10-15% discount for ca. 3 to 10 devices

Hotspot Administration

  • Customizable user welcome page (HTML)
  • Customizable access cards with your logo and address informations
  • Optional: simplified Login after accepting of terms and conditions (no user administrator needed)
  • Advanced Routing functions for Firewall, QoS, DHCP, DNS-Cache
  • PPPoE server for encrypted end-to-end connections over acces points
  • Create user accounts manually, through excell template, or through the included service (for 2 Years) Print Manager
  • MAC address instead of username for autologin
  • Weekly auto-backup with manually restore of configuration data

Hotspot User

  • Internet surfing with any device that can use browser
  • Simple login through personal username and password
  • IP4 Isolation function, to protect customers data from each other
  • Transparent Address Translation for no depending on the clients setup
  • Preconfigurated Firewall prevents unauthorized accesses over the internet

With all our Hotspot devices together with dualSSID access points is possible to realize similar networks like these two application examples:

In a cure clinical centre patients can use Internet as soon as they connect with the next access point, open the browser and authenticate. The doctors connect with the PrivateNet/LAN-Network (also wirelessly) giving WPA/WPA2 key. The doctors can so access the internal network (LAN) from all rooms and access the patient data.

A similar example would be with students and teachers in classrooms. Students log on to the hotspot network, as soon as they start the Internet Browser. They get a certain range of bandwidth which is assigned, however students neither can access other students computers nor the teachers resources.
Teachers use the same accesspoint hardware in the room, however they connect (through WPA2 key, known only from teachers) to the second virtual net of the dualSSID access point. So can teachers access to their internal documents.

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