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WiFi Hotspot Server Solution
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Hotspot access card designer & print generator

The web application below will help you in creating hotspot access cards, creating/printing PDF´s and importing into the hotspot server. Each Hotspot Server device from us (bought directly or indirectly through reseller) has automatically 2 years long access for free for this application. You can test now this application (no insert without device!).
Use therefore the demo Software-ID: ABCD-EF01

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 PDF Setting
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10 St. in A4 Left: Top: Middle:
Open PDF
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User Creation - Random Generator
Setting for: Hotspot.1    Hotspot.2
Username  contains before it and signs with:
Numbers Lowercase letters Uppercase letters
Password  contains signs with:
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Time       Credit (only online)  Minutes Hours Days
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Inserting codes in hotspot server
Copy all from below and paste the content:
in '/Winbox/New Terminal' or Putty

Card Design
(Browser support: Firefox, Chrome)

You can change the content and optic of the card by editing the existing text. Mark the text before to change font size or colour. To change the position of the table insert space or line brakes (ENTER).

Background colours can be changed by choosing 'Colors/Background' from the menu. A background picture must be in JPG, GIF or PNG format and no bigger than 100 Kbytes.

Position and size can be set in the PDF properties. Cards from '10 pcs in A4' have the format of a bank card (85.7 x 54mm).
To use many business card templates adjust the distance in the middle.

Access to the application is available by entering the Software-ID found under 'Winbox/System/License'. All other devices from the customer will also loaded. Settings can be copied from one device to another. Simply chose the target device and save.

Creating users
Usernames and passwords will be generated by random. You can set the length and use of differnet characters. It is best practice to use a sign before the username in order to differentiate cards/tariffs from each other.

Bandwidth optimisation is one setting which can reward normal users (click & read) with higher speeds against users with high and long downloads.

Printing cards
You can click on Open PDF at anytime (see the table above) in order to check your design and finally save and print it.

The system needs about 1-3 minutes for a 1000 codes. For test purposes please leave the counter to 10 (resource-sparing). Users can be found in 'Winbox/IP/Hotspot/Users'. They can also be deleted here. If you set under 'Validity' a run out date they will be automatically deleted at the end of that date.

Inserting codes
To insert card codes into the hotspot server copy the content below paste (right click) into 'Winbox/New Terminal' Putty can be also used for this purpose. With putty is possible to produce a log file containing the inserted users.

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