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WiFi hotspot provider FAQ (frequently asked questions)

I already have an internet connection and multiple accesspoints, with which equipment can I continue to use the existing infrastructure?

All Sylbek Hotspot Server can be used as they have no requirements for internet or access points types. PowerLAn, repeaters and other ethernet equipment can also be used. However repeaters must be able to convey the client MAC address, which is the case in with offered WDS AccessPoints

How are users create?

There are three possibilities to create users:

Manually via the WEB or Winbox under 'IP/Hotspot/User'. Use the existing template e.g '_1024.kb.down_128.kb.up' to create users by double clicking and 'Copy' function. This way you ensure every copy has the same settings.

Use Excel (see Insert-Users-Sample.xls) to insert users from column A, passwords from column B and groups from column C. To put users in the Hotspot Server, copy multiple users from column D and paste them (right mouse click) into /Winbox/New Terminal'.

You can easily create a design via the Print Manager, choose tariff options and insert them into the Hotspot Server, as above, using /Winbox/New Terminal'. If you include a run out date for a user, they will be automatically deleted at the end of that date.

When I look at the Administrative console, Winbox it appears to be very complicated with many possibilities for settings. Do I have other methods to manage users?

Indeed there are many setting possibilities available. Most of the settings are preset once by us. However to manage users the Hotpot section only will be used.

You can manage users without Winbox by using the freely available tool, Putty.exe. If you create a shortcut like 'putty.exe admin@Hotspot-IP-Addresse', you will be then prompted only for password. Users can be inserted simply with the right click.

How can I create access for my Chef so that she does not have to type in username and password?

A login free access you can create device related. This means that you have to know or find out the MAC address of the device. You may see the MAC address via /IP/Hotspot/Hosts. There are usually many devices to be seen, including those that are not logged in. Enter the MAC address in 'IP/Hotspot/IP-Bindings' and select 'Type Bypassed'. Similarly you can allow internet access for devices without a browser, such as some VoIP phones, TV and radios.

The Hotspot Server will be connected behind an existing router. The router has DHCP disabled. Where do I enter static network address settings?

IP address can be entered under 'IP/Address' for WAN-Interface, click on the  '+' (plus) symbol. The subnet mask has to be included as appropriate e.g
Gateway under /IP/Routes (destination address remains and DNS under /IP/DNS/Servers.

Where and how can I change the login or welcome page?

Load and change the HTML page via an FTP client (you will find FTP Wanderer in the support section). The login page is called login.html and can be found in the directory Hotspot.1 and Hotspot.2. To keep the system components intact always make changes to source code in an editor such as Notepad. Always make a backup of a functional page.

How can I access a customer´s Hotspot Server from my office over the internet?

In order to be able to directly connect with the Hotspot/VPN server, setup an account under /PPP/Secrets. You can use the template 'pptp-vpn'. Set your password and activate the account. If there is a router connected before the Hotspot Server, you will have to setup VPN pass through or Port-Forwarding on that router.

As the owner of the internet connection I may be made responsible for ilegal downloaded and uploaded content. Do I have to activate data recording? If yes, how?

Data retention law was tipped . According to GDPR, the storage of connection data is not justifiable with the provision of the hotspot service.
Sylbek Hotspot Server is definitely prepared to store the connection data. For recording of connections data, you only have to enable (right click) 'hotspot -> hslog' under /System/Logging.
Multiple data recording files will be saved on the localy. These text files (circa 1MB) can be downloaded via FTP. We offer also as option to log traffic and firewall activity.

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